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Jersey Orders

New Jerseys for Navy Youth Hockey

For the 2019 / 2020 season, all players will be purchasing new jerseys , including player names on the back of the jersey.

Details follow on jersey ordering for 2019 / 2020 season  for all Legacy (Travel)/non-Elite teams.  Legacy teams only  (Elite team jersey order coming soon)

Jersey fittings were done during tryouts for those that attended .  Jerseys will be available for sizing in September for those players that are playing an Academy (Rec) team and who were not at tryouts. The online website is now open so that players can get their jersey ordered for arrival prior to the season starting.  The site will close by June 15.

If you do not have a number approved already or you wish to change your number please reach out to the jersey coordinator to do this. The email is .  DO NOT ORDER A JERSEY WITHOUT AN APPROVED NUMBER.  Players numbers from previous years are still the same unless they request a change.

Families will be ordering a new home and away jersey online.  Knit socks will be available from the club the first week of practice. Practice jerseys will be available as well in the first week of practice on an as needed basis.

The online shop is now open for orders at ForSportsMaryland.  You will be able to order the home and away jersey, warm-ups, shells, hockey bags, more items will come in the next few weeks.  These will then be delivered to your home via mail, different from years past. ALL TRAVEL PLAYERS (BLUE AND GOLD) NEED TO ORDER NEW JERSEYS THIS ROUND TO GUARANTEE JERSEYS FOR NEXT SEASON. 

There will be a second round of fittings for the Academy (Rec) teams in September.  The site will re-open and jerseys, warm ups, shells, bags and other items will be available again for order with the same home delivery. 

The online orders for any warm ups, shells or bags will be attached to the jersey order site in May and September and is open to anyone wanting to order items.   


Blue and Gold Mite jerseys will be sized as soon as teams have been decided. We will have try-ons available at the rink and then the link for online ordering will be available.  Blue and Gold mites are only required to purchase the white (home) jersey for the season. The blue (away) jersey will be purchased as they move to Squirts.  Before ordering a jersey, please email the jersey coordinator to get the number approved. Email address is

For all Mites, practice jerseys and socks will be provided at the rink by NYH the first week of practice. 

In-House Mite jerseys will be handed out to players as the teams are chosen.  These jerseys will be loaned out for the season and returned at the end of the season for the following years.  There is no need to purchase a white and blue game jersey.  Game jerseys will be provided for any jamborees during the season.

The online orders for any warm ups or spirit gear will be attached to the jersey order site in May and September and is open to anyone wanting to order items

Thank You

Navy Youth Hockey

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