A few important clarifications/changes:

  1. Parents are asked to remain outside until game time in order to maintain capacity limits set by the County at 25%.
  2. Skaters are encouraged to arrive with skates on and protective guards when possibly. This will help with quick exits after games. Our pro shop has a supply of these protective hard guards – call 301-249-8970 for pricing.
  3. Masks/face coverings – Beginning Sunday, November 15 at 5 pm, PG County is requiring masks be worn at all times indoor and outdoor (except during strenuous physical activity while on ice). Please alert the parents/coaches who may not live in PG County of this new guideline. This will be enforced in the parking lot and park area.
  4. No game play with teams outside of MD, DC or VA.

We had our first games last weekend and for the most part things went smoothly. . .two important reminders we need your help with!

  1. Parents must distance in the bleacher area. All parents are asked to watch games from the bleacher area (not around the glass).
  2. Coaches and players must distance, to the best of their abilities, while on the bench. It is required per the guidelines – spread out and wear masks while on the bench to slow the spread.
  3. 12 players per team on ice at one time. On-ice warmups must be modified.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for cooperating – please encourage everyone within your clubs to do their part to help keep us safe and open.