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NYH - Tryout/Payment Policy Information

Navy Youth Hockey's Tryout Process & Procedures (2022-2023)

Objectives of Navy Youth Hockey’s Tryout: 

Player evaluation can be one of the most difficult tasks for Navy Youth Hockey (NYH) to deal with.  It is also one of, if not the most critical "events" we conduct all season.  Our goals each year are to:

  • To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player's total hockey skills during the skating and scrimmage sessions.
  • To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity of being selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during the on-ice evaluations and input from prior year's coaches.
  • To provide coaches with the opportunity and flexibility to build a team based in part on their own coaching philosophy and knowledge of player skills and attitude.
  • To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that a player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the association's programs.
  • To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing hockey during the season.
  • To provide feedback in order to develop players.

Navy Youth Hockey’s Tryout Procedures:

  • Players will be evaluated and placed by the Hockey Director, Evaluation Committee and coaches in the spring following the conclusion of the tryout. Players trying out for a U8 Travel Team will be evaluated by the Hockey Director and Evaluation Committee in the fall preceding the players’ USA Hockey year. 
  • It is strongly encouraged that players attend all, or as many, of their scheduled tryout sessions as possible. Obviously, players who are on the ice have the best chance to demonstrate their ability. Conflicts are inevitable no matter the level of planning. The Evaluation Committee will use its best efforts, with the information and input available to them, to appropriately place players who have had conflicts with the tryout schedule or were unable to participate due to an injury or extenuating circumstances. NYH will make every effort to ensure that a player will not be denied a roster spot simply because he or she was unable to attend the tryout.
  • If a player moves into the area after tryouts and is interested in joining NYH, a supplemental evaluation will be held at the beginning of the season. In these situations, NYH Hockey Director and the Evaluation Committee will evaluate the new player along with existing players to ensure that the player is placed on the correct team and if there is room. No player will be “bumped” to a lower team without their approval.


Day of Procedures: 

  • Prior to the first ice session all players must check-in at the registration table. Players will be assigned a numbered pinnie that they will keep for all tryout sessions. Pinnies will be returned after the last session. 

Guidelines for Player Rankings, Team Creation and Coach Selection:

  • After the completion of the on-ice tryout, the Evaluation Committee will meet to determine final player rankings. These final player rankings are based on their tryout performance as well as feedback from the player’s most recent coaches’.
  • Every player trying out will be evaluated and considered for placement on the highest team, regardless of prior season team placement or age. If 2 players are being considered for the last spot on the same team and both have been evaluated and determined to be of equal skill, the 2nd year player will be placed ahead of the younger player. 
  • As much as possible there should be a consistency of evaluators for a given age group.  This continuity ensures that the players are being observed by a group of evaluators who have a benchmark for performance and knowledge of the overall ability of the group that they are observing. Generally the evaluators should:
    1. Review the evaluation criteria prior to the process to ensure that all evaluators are evaluating the same skill with the same intent.
    2. Stay separate from the spectators and parents during the entire on-ice process.
    3. Review your marks at the end of the session to ensure you have not made any entry errors. A link to an “online” form will be provided to you ahead of tryouts. Please be sure to enter your scores immediately after tryouts. 
    4. Do not share your comments or opinions with any players/ parents or other interested observers.
  • Refer questions, comments or complaints that you may receive to the Hockey Director (Zach Arden),  Girls Director (Ashley Harper), Coaching Director (Matt Fleming) or NYH President (Kristen Fleming).

Player Notification and Post Tryout Policy:

  • Players will receive an email from NYH, notifying them of the team that they have been selected for no later than Tuesday, April 26th.  Final Team rosters will be posted to the Navy Youth Hockey Website by Sunday, May 1st.
  • Once players have been notified, they will receive a registration link to accept their spot. A player accepts their position by completing the registration no later than 11:59 pm Thursday, April 28th.  
  • Absent extraordinary circumstances, all tuition payments are non–refundable as the payment, when made, is a commitment to accept a roster spot on a team. As a not-for-profit organization, that commitment is needed to finalize rosters for the 250 + players across the program to finalize the number of players and teams, budget and procure ice time, commit to league fees and generally manage the program for the benefit of the participating player.

Thanks for your interest in Navy Youth Hockey. Good luck at tryouts!

Payment and Refund Policy

NAVY YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, Inc. accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express for payment of season fees.  Registration is not complete without Consent-to-Treat form found in the Documents section of the NYHA website. 

* No skater will be allowed on the ice until payments have been received*

Family Discounts

Families with more than one registered player in NAVY YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, Inc. will be offered the following discount(s): The discount applies to all levels.  First player (highest cost) - full price, second and subsequent players - 10% discount off season fees.

Goalie Discounts (non-Mite)

A 40% discount off of the season fees will be offered to the first 2 (two) goalies registered and paid in full per team that provide their own goalie equipment.

Refund Policies

Absent a season-ending injury or forced relocation more than fifty miles from the Navy rink, all fees and payments are non-refundable. Players and their families agree that this is reasonable in view of NYHA's obligation for USA Hockey Insurance, league fees, binding ice contracts and the need to ensure that rosters have sufficient players to comply with league rules and remain competitive. 

In addition, no refunds shall be given to any parent, guardian or player suspended for violating the USAH or NYHA code of conduct.